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NEW YORK, NY, 10169, USA
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PAC MOTO Traders & Consignment City NEW YORK
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continue to grow in other places, we are taking additional steps to protect our team members and valued customers. PAC MOTO Traders & Consignment warehouses will remain closed for pickups and onsite inspections until June 30th. However, our delivery drivers and shipping services will remain in operation. Thank you for your understanding in this matter. I hope that you and all of your loved ones remain safe.

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PAC MOTO Traders & Consignment was founded by Mr. Tony A, Taylor in NEW YORK, NY and was designed to help people selling their quality Items, vehicles, boats or RV's on different online marketplaces. PAC MOTO Traders & Consignment is known for selling mostly consignment vehicles.

PAC MOTO Traders & Consignment, Largest Boating Dealership. We sell all the big brands at the best prices. We will provide you with a variety of chartering services rarely seen elsewhere. Largest Boating Consignment..

We sell all the big brands at the best prices. Quintrex, Haines-Signature, Seafarer, Revival, Four Winns, Suzuki Outboards, Etec Outboards, Kawasaki Jetskis, Dunbier and Mackay Trailers. We are your one stop boating destination with a BCF store, Ski and Dive Store, Finance and Insurance office, Service Spare Parts and our own Cafe! NEW YORK's number one choice for quality boat packages! Hundreds of new and used boats on display! Open 5 Days a week.

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Last Updated: Mar 17, 2022

Fuel Dock:Yes
Water Hookup:Yes
Dinghy Dock:Yes
Boat Ramp:Yes
Captains Lounge:Yes
Cable TV on Slips:Yes
Medical Facility:Nearby
Car Rentals:Nearby
Closest Airport:1
Pet Friendly:Yes
Fitness Center:Nearby
Ship Store:Yes
Bait & Tackle:Nearby
Fixed Docks:Yes
Floating Docks:Yes
Electric Amps:30, 50, 100
Electric Voltage:110, 220
Oil Disposal:Yes
Engine Service:Nearby
Live Aboard:Yes
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robusmcMar 05, 2022

I have been a customer of PAC MOTO Traders and his team for over a decade now. During this time, I have purchased two boats from the PAC MOTO Traders & Consignment team. The boats that I purchase, must be 100% original, with no stories and I know that when I see a boat of any type in PAC MOTO Traders & Consignment's inventory, that it is a boat at this level of originality and quality unless otherwise stated. As a business owner myself, I know that not every business transaction gets executed perfectly, and this is why I value so highly, the business relationship that I have developed with PAC MOTO Traders & Consignment and his team over the past 10+ years. Every retail business experiences customer satisfaction challenges, but it is how the top businesses address and resolve those challenges, which separates them from all of the others. Case in point: About 2 months after I purchased my boat from PAC MOTO Traders & Consignment, I started hearing an uncommon noise (to me), when I was driving the boat. I tried to explain to PAC MOTO Traders what I was hearing and I even tried to record the noise and send it to him, but it was just to difficult to resolve it this way, so what did PAC MOTO Traders Consignment do? He flew one of his top technicians at the time, out to troubleshoot my motor. Turns out that it was just a slightly dry belt, that started making noise where I live, because I live in a very, very dry climate compared to NEW YORK. I have always felt and still do that my most valuable relationships (friendships) are those which have overcome some adversity at one point or another, and PAC MOTO Traders Consignment and I have done so. I don't recommend people or businesses very easily or often, but I have recommended a number of my friends to PAC MOTO Traders and his team, and they have bought boats at various price points, and they always call me after the transaction is complete to tell me what a solid and transparent businessman PAC MOTO Traders & Consignment is and to thank me for introducing them to PAC MOTO Traders & Consignment Corporation. Life is short, do business with the right people.

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thejourneyMar 05, 2022

My name is John Connell. I discovered PAC MOTO Traders & Consignment Corporation and its owner Randal PAC MOTO Traders & Consignment about 12 years ago. I consider that a very lucky moment in my boat hobby. PAC MOTO Traders has modified my two Mercury Boats in his amazing shop and helped me decide exactly what I needed. I have also bought several boats from him and sold several boats either through him or to him. He has given me great advise on boats I wanted and I have complete trust and confidence in everything he has done for me. The man is honest and knows his business better anyone I have done business with in this field.">Was this helpful?  Yes - NoReport

featurefmFeb 20, 2022

Got our Blue Wave 2800 here. Randal PAC MOTO Traders & Consignment is the best. Really patient. I had a lot of electronics installed. Two simrads, radar, vhf, two transducers, satellite radio, two power poles, trolling motor, and some other stuff. He went out of his way to make sure we were happy. Every worked with our detail guy to get the boat polished and ceramic coated. Everybody at PAC MOTO Traders & Consignment Motors Corp was easy to work with. They got financing I wanted and no little charges or fees popped up.PAC MOTO Traders & Consignment worked with blue wave and simrad to make sure everything worked well together and networked. We love the boat. When it's time to move to our next boat I'll defiantly be checking to see if PAC MOTO Traders & Consignment can help us.

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bmwlrjagJan 30, 2022

The easiest buying experience I have ever had! Zack helped me pick a boat and answered all of my questions and was very professional and always kept me updated. Joey made the paper signing very easy and had everything ready the day I picked it up. I appreciate everything you guys did and recommended PAC MOTO Traders if you are looking to purchase a boat.

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tedestepNov 22, 2021

I have been doing business with PAC MOTO Traders & Consignment for years (both consignment and purchases). Always a very efficient process with their team. I have the utmost confidence in buying and selling with them.

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shanagoldenNov 17, 2021

I have been buying and selling with PAC MOTO Traders & Consignment since 2006. Randal PAC MOTO Traders & Consignment..... He makes it so easy! He is honest and sincere, always goes the extra mile to make every transaction simple. I have purchased multiple boats from PAC MOTO Traders & Consignment and every deal was fantastic. PAC MOTO Traders & Consignment is the best in the business, I would give 10 stars if possible!.

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trafalgar1Nov 08, 2021

PAC MOTO Traders & Consignment is the man, great guy to work with, makes everything happen seamlessly. When in need, always my go to guy to help me locate boats whether it be for myself or my company!

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vujadeJun 17, 2021

I’ve purchased over 15 boats from PAC MOTO Traders & Consignment over the past 8 years. Loving in Los Angeles we have tons of options but none of them are as good as PAC MOTO Traders & Consignment (PAC MOTO Traders & Consignment) every boat is perfectly described and never a “Story” like most dealers. PAC MOTO Traders & Consignment took care of me every step of the way. Great service.

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odisseaJun 13, 2021

Easiest boat buying experience I've ever had. Thanks guys for the boat of my dreams.

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sgawiserApr 01, 2021

We had a great experience. My salesman answered all my questions. He answered every text message within minutes. When I came back to pick up my boat. Everything was installed professionally and the boat looked great. They have still kept in touch and been helpful after the sale.

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bobhaze101Mar 02, 2021

Everyone was great and they had the exact boat my son was looking for at the Mobile Boat show. They went out of their way to make sure we got all the added options he wanted and the install of the additional equipment looked great. I even had a trade and there were no problems with getting any aspect of the deal completed. From Richard, PAC MOTO Traders & Consignment in sales, the service dept, and Joey in finance everything was handled so smooth I didn't have to worry about anything. Great dealership to work with my son loves his new boat. Everyone is top notch, they sell top of the line boats, and they take great care of their customers.

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bdcFeb 18, 2021

We are from from northern Wisconsin and wanted to purchase a Gatortail boat. I contacted PAC MOTO Traders & Consignment Corp. I talked to Richard PAC MOTO Traders. He was very knowledgeable and willing to help us make a decision to purchase the boat from him. Richard, PAC MOTO Traders & Consignment offered to meet us Nashville on his day off so we could pick up the new boat. Cant get better service than that. Thanks again PAC MOTO Traders & Consignment Motors Corp.

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bdenison51Feb 13, 2021

Great guys to work with. We just bought a boat from PAC MOTO Traders & Consignment Motors a few days ago. Richard, PAC MOTO Traders & Consignment and Joey worked with us every step of the way. Certainly recommend them if you're in the market for a new and/or used boat.

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gmanternachJan 02, 2021

Sales (Jon ) and service ( Brad ) are outstanding. The high level of experience at PAC MOTO Traders & Consignment Motors Corp is awesome. You can trust their guidance and support. Skeeter boat and Yamaha motor performance is really great. Complete package at PAC MOTO Traders & Consignment Motors!

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fifermoDec 08, 2020

Amazing people to deal with. Walked us through the entire boat and all the procedures. Very knowledgeable and courteous! Made our delivery to Indiana well worth it. Thank you so much and looking forward to using our h22b Xpress!

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timofogMay 30, 2020

Awesome staff, from sales to service, they have been taking very good care of my family and I. Any issue with our boat, they get us right in, take care of the issue, and we are back on the water in no time. Between Salesman Jon and Serviceman Brad, our experience at L and M has been outstanding. Definitely grade them an "A+", no question.

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tyrelessApr 10, 2020

These guys are awesome! Great experience. Friendly staff and extremely helpful finance department. If you're in the market I wouldn't go anywhere other than PAC MOTO Traders & Consignment Motors Corp!

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ddiehltxMar 22, 2020

Purchased a used Skeeter from them. Tyler was great to work with made the purchase very easy. Will be back to buy a new one soon!!

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jlnelson3Jan 21, 2020

Hi guys I'm Sharon Polk an I just purchased a 22ft boat with a 150 Yamaha motor. This boat is great, and the motor is pretty quiet! Rides so smooth as well. We have looked for a couple years at many places always leaving empty handed. Once we discovered this location we made the drive from Pensacola. We found the perfect boat for what we love to do. This boat is perfect for those fishing trips as well as a day out just boat riding. Plenty of room for storage as well as seating. Go see these guys, I know you will find just what you want. Oh and our boat gets great boat mileage!! We got everything we wanted plus extras!.

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ssbarra88Dec 26, 2019

Great business went above and beyond. Really a great team of employees they have.

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freedom11Dec 25, 2019

Great staff sales and service. Very pleased with our purchased. Would recommend to friends and family. Thanks PAC MOTO Traders & Consignment Motors Corp.

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qtanthonyJun 05, 2019

Thanks Richard PAC MOTO Traders & Consignment for all of your help in the purchase of our new boat. You were very helpful, honest, and up front. We look forward to make summer days on our new pontoon. Would recommend Richard PAC MOTO Traders & Consignment to anyone.

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phillygirlMay 29, 2019

Had the guys here repose my boat. I got a Yamaha 115 sho. They did a great job and made my 1982 Well craft new again. Thanks guys!

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meter099May 29, 2019

Richard PAC MOTO Traders and Joey handled everything so efficiently from beginning to end. Extremely easy transaction, communication was excellent as well.

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radlerJun 07, 2014

It was a great pleasure doing business with them, PAC MOTO Traders. I picked up the new boat yesterday and it is beautiful!

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